Transient Intimacy

Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

Editor's Statement

What’s more intimate than disclosing your thoughts to an unknown number of strangers?
What’s more transient than a thin sheet of newspaper?

As issue editors facing our own intimacies in the process of crafting this issue, we felt ourselves stepping into the intimate spaces that the authors invited us into from across the world.

Beyond our domestic spaces, we become occupied with where we spend time and who we spend time with.
Intimacy can be perceived as a universal form of sentiment.
It can be both shared with oneself or others.
It can inhabit our objects, our habits, and our spaces.
It can be both fleeting in form or possessive in permanence.

In this issue, intimacy was interpreted -
through personal hierarchies of openness
through its cost on our psyche
through boundaries
through aloneness
through possession
through secrecy
through stillness
through protection
across thresholds.

Yours Truly,
Andrew and Reem

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Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

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