Camera obscura is a black box.


Transient Intimacy

Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

“Camera obscura is a black box” starts by defining the antipodes of the body.

Untitled (Camera Obscura) is a series of animations that closely inspect the moment of interaction of bordering bodies, which could be visions from inside or outside, where the borders of those involved are redefined and the delimitation of the identity and affectation that relationships bring with them. Every interaction is an exchange that leaves behind its mark in the debris of the other, and it is the one that keeps the outline that the finger in the wound sees from within. Surfaces that fit into other bodies, simulacra adapting and relating to each other. A camera obscura that becomes a black box. The animations were handmade and last a few seconds, the in-out are repeated in a loop lasting a similar time that an inhalation and exhalation would last.

Untitled (Landscape) is a sound piece that functions as an open and abstract journey through the interior of the body, an encounter between an imagined endoscopy and a meditation. The sounds that were used in its composition were extracted from the movement of my own body: pulse, swallowing saliva, digestion, breathing.

Untitled (Covered) is a series of drawings that show how clothing is configured from the body and how much significance remains when uninhabited, what is lost and gained in absence. What is the minimum portion in which a flesh can be reduced so that some humanity is recognized? What is the smallest clue that a garment can contain to recognize its function? In what specific places of the anatomy are particular emotions located?

Extensions of skin surfaces, empty containers, architectural spaces, containers with possibilities of resignification, symbolization and abstraction.

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Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

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