The Dead One Came Up On Me


Transient Intimacy

Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

The guest announced itself with a mutter,
Whispered voicelessly against my ear.
It said, clean and clear, “I am here”,
Then a cold breath and a choking splutter.
“We-welcome!” I managed to stutter,
Hoping my invitation seemed sincere.
Though that night’s sleep had increased my fear,
My lover’s entrance made my heart flutter.
Both eyes opened as his figure in white
Entered the room and lay across my chest.
“My love, I can’t breathe”, its weight made my voice tight.
Across me lay something I´d failed to guess.
It wheezed unto my face, heavy and lonely,
Yet I lied still as the dead one came up on me.

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Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

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