So Long to two ; Salute to one

Transient Intimacy

Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

Culture shock: understanding the differences between two identities
09.09.2022: Being honest of the hitherto
10.03.2022: Furry and disgrace
10.16.2022: Altruism and love

Culture shock

To understand us
Two cultures, Two minds
Two thresholds
One opened, one pure
One nomadic, one static
But a line was blurred


Meeting reality
Unleashing ghosts,
Scars are open.
The hurt of a used physical being
Is seen through
the emotional being,
But to what cost?
To feel all that was hidden,
To open that emotional door,
To be Intimate,
To leave a red mark in their nest,
To be forever a temporarily part of him;
But only him.
A moment of stillness
A memento of melancholy
The permanence of the past is gone.


You are trash,
You are not valuable,
You are a second hand rug,
Stepped over & over & over
& over & over & over again.
Dragging ghosts,
Swallowing Dishonor,
you are just..
Leftovers in Shades of gray..
Forever goodbye

But even..

On a cloudy day or a storm
There’s a moment of cessation
A moment of stillness
The moment before
A scintilla of bliss

Now all there is left is…


To morph:
The past does not define your present
Self-worth. Self-worth, Self-worth
The essence of you is potent
You are value
You are honor
You are knowledge
You are transient
You are truth
Your are embrace
You are veracity
You are respect
You consent.
You are woman
You are forever loved.
Forever Hello

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Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

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