On the Ground


Transient Intimacy

Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022

Travel week flash highlights:

Greenland stuck, then freed by a private plane charter. ANA BATTLE showers with her socks on at a hostel. Snacks make up every meal.
Peru’s car gets caught in the sand. VERONICA NICHOLSON is seen chugging a gallon of water every 10 minutes.
Santa Fe: ALAN PLATTUS and ANDREW CLUM go on a rescue mission to help students stranded in the desert.
Canada: Drunken hilarity in a cabin. One student is left behind.
Germany: TIAN TIAN’s daughter is MVPof the trip.
Galapagos: TOD WILLIAMS’ blood is seen everyday of the trip. Much bread and eggs are eaten daily. The entire snorkeling crew projectile vomited off the boat. While hiking a cove, TOD WILLIAMS steps on a marine iguana that explodes.
Bangkok: Karaoke. Everyone gets covid when they get back.
Benin: FRANCIS KERE walks at 10mph the entire trip.
Arizona: Vegas baby! SARA MOUNTFORD is declared queen of the Strip. SAM GOLINI strikes luck, and then loses a bunch of cash. BOBBY CHUN is designated uber caller for drunk parties.

October 7
DANIEL LIEBSKIN talk, covered by NICOLAS KEMPER in Skyline.
SUNSET ROLLERCOASTER talk calls 30% of the architecture student body to Toads. SIGNE FERGUSON catches the shirt thrown into the crowd by the band.

Update on badminton tournament:
Frank and Pete lose. Bad Boba, Hummus Fettuccine, and Pummelcocks are also in the losers bracket. Richard’s Rookies, 1 Point 5 Bananas, and The Meatballs move ahead.

October 10th
A punching bag appears on the 5th floor smoking balcony. Students are seen throwing 1’s and 2’s.

“The sun is getting lower. Time will be changing soon,” BRANDON BROOKS remarks.

CHRISTINA ZHANG asks genuinely, “do i need to start from a concept, or can I just run with it and post rationalize later?”
SUNIL BALD is overheard saying “post rationalization is an incredible skill to have”.
COLE SUMMERSELLl chuckles at the underpinnings of the school coming to light.

October 13th
Local 33 unite here (protest)

October 14th
Bangkok studio is confirmed to have the best studio desk drawer bar stock in the whole building.

There is a flood on the 4th floor, next to the next electrical strips. A stream forms from spilled tea on 5th floor, and creates a beautiful Falling Water moment down the staircase.

October 15th
MAYA GAMBLE redesigns her project for the 17th time. SEBASTIAN BEAGHEN brings a pair of beautiful size 9 loafers into studio for some lucky Cinderella to match with.

MARK FOSTER GAGE hurt his back in one of two ways:

  1. Watching Top Gun on an airplane.
  2. In an mma match, hopping off the chain link, tapped out his opponent in an arm bar, hurting himself in the process (possible spinal explosion)

These both feel plausible.

October 17th
Reviews commence. Everyone remains ever confused by plan unplanned, students, 2nd and 3rd years, and critics alike. / Baked goods are provided by GRACE ZADJEL / A studio pup is brought in. The troops are well fed and emotionally nourished.

FRANK GHERY’s studio will not have mid reviews, so they have decided to take the week to fight (debate) about the site model.

October 18th
Everyone else is going to be on fall break soon, except for the architecture students.
LOUIS KOUSHOURIS sliced his finger off in a frenzy on the 4th floor. He keeps the tip on his computer as a trophy. He regrew it back in a single afternoon.
JEEU KIM notices there are an unusual number of coffee stations for reviews. The crowds seem to be rumbling less.
Birdie count on the 4th floor pit light fixtures: 4.

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Volume 8, Issue 02
October 31, 2022