Architect's Block


The Moment Before

Volume 7, Issue 01
September 20, 2021

As a student of design,
Or an aspiring architect that’s gaining experience,
My mind will occasionally resign,
Making the thought process delirious

I long for a solution-
My sketches are in scribbles
While I ponder in dissolution,
They appear to me as riddles

The mere thought of infinite possibilities
Reminds me of the professors’ stern revisions
While the “creative genes” present themselves as liabilities,
I contemplate my life decisions

Perhaps I’ll browse Pinterest, Instagram, books for inspiration
Yet not a thought bubble in sight
Like Fuller’s imagination,
I sit at my desk, thinking into the night

Soon enough, I go on a whim
Then realize, that can’t be submitted on Miro
Like Eisenman’s philosophy, I attempt to win
By becoming the “architectural hero”

Maybe a distraction would re-energize my brain
I browse Raf Simons shoes online
Looking out the window, I see cars rushing through the rain
Twenty minutes pass, and I’m running out of time

Towards the climax of this antagonizing investigation
I feel as though the world is crumbling
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,
Yet my will to continue is struggling

Exiting the studio, I leave the architect’s block behind

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Volume 7, Issue 01
September 20, 2021

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