The Moment Before

Volume 7 · Issue 01

September 20, 2021

12 articles

Editor's Statement

The architectural discipline is constantly required to define the conditions of its existence. The forces of territory and property attempt to structure a catharsis for architecture as a final artifact measured by a system where value exists in the future. Such an opaque moment of compliance and resolution can be rebelled against without building a single thing, where desire is strongest and not yet obtained.
This issue of Paprika! invites contributors to ponder questions of discipline and practice by asking - what is the moment before architecture? We focus on curating a spectrum of approaches between the abstract and the concrete, relating not to a built object but to a process. As we become active observers, this issue’s canvas serves as a host to an elaborate array of anxieties, anticipation, and love. We don’t wait, we simply persist at the moment before.

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September 20, 2021
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