Foam Core

Publication Date
December 5, 2019

One cut, two, three
Change your blade, or the edge becomes ruffled
With the next cut, there is no guarantee
The board? The model? You’re muddled

With all the order, precision, and concentration
the 3D printer looms in your noggin
as you look over at the scraps in desolation
The foam core model is tonight’s toxin

With a depth of ⅛ of an inch,
those cherished details are diminished
The assignment was supposed to be a cinch,
but with foam core it is seldom finished

I’d rather draft, render, print, or sculpt
Can someone please run to the store to buy some more
Let’s start a balsa wood and chipboard cult
because by the time you get back I’ll be out on the studio floor

Publication Date
December 5, 2019
Graphic Designers
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Mark Foster Gage, David Gissen, Henry Squire
981 words
Angela Lufkin
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