Missed Calls

Volume 7, Issue 06
March 7, 2022

Missed Calls: questions we don’t have answers to as a premise linked to the ends of two landlines like those of a phone, two opposite sides, two ends. A call has point A on one end and point B on the other, the call happens in the middle, or in our case it doesn’t happen at all. In a missed call, there is always something unsaid, something that did not materialize between two parties. One of our inspirations emerges from the internet manifestation of “missed connections”. For example reddit or craigslist ads searching for other halves from a NYC subway ride that did not reach closure or maturing and are therefore labeled “missed connections”. This issue is a platform for these disparate parties and conversations to collide, converse and share unfinished conversations. The missed call represents a missed opportunity for connection, a confession, or a gathering. A call as mode of communication constitutes the possible continuum between two poles. A missed call is the missed establishment of this continuum, a missed revelation of a communication – but perhaps also the missed revelation of a lack of understanding. A missed reconciliation, a missed apology, a missed opportunity to make peace, but perhaps also a missed confrontation. Our intent for the issue is to focus on oppositions or the two points at the end of a line. The left, the right, the east, the west, what is up and where is down. What do opposite outlooks and discourse tell us of unsaid conversations and our daily dialogue?

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Volume 7, Issue 06
March 7, 2022

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