Teléfonos Malogrados (Broken Telephones)


Missed Calls

Volume 7, Issue 06
March 7, 2022

Teléfonos malogrados is a musical composition comprised of samples from telephone noises. It
presents the dreamlike reverberations of tele-signals which seek to reach their “receiver” without
bearing concrete messages. As opposed to the content centric listening that fixates on phonics and the meaning of words, it explores the often ignored context of calling and attends to the expressiveness of its aural manifestations. In seeking to reimagine the experience of noise as an odyssey in which sonic waves travel and unfold, the work seeks to subvert the concept of noise as an element of interruption. By rejecting the traditional notion of communication as a solely lingual message between sender and receiver, noise is instead understood as the foundation of a soundscape that invites us to find peace in the lack of language.

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Volume 7, Issue 06
March 7, 2022

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