A Dash of ______

Volume 5 · Issue 19

April 23, 2020

12 articles

Editor's Statement

This issue is a myth; it is a story, a fairytale, an illusion. It’s somewhere between a build-your-own narrative and a Get Rich Quick self-help book. It is a simple recipe that would be the end-all of design if only we knew what the secret ingredient was. Yet the answer is elusive and individual. If we knew exactly what made design “good,” then a healthy retirement at age 62 would conclude our careers. Perhaps it’s the grueling yet life-giving process of searching for certainty which drives us and gives value to what we do.

The collection of writing here represents a range of views about this process. From personal reflections on design, to the necessity of the political sphere and the value of the undefinable. The “secret ingredient” might in fact be the struggle to find one in the first place, and writing the recipe, again and again, is what most fulfills us.

1. Choose a site. Note that size may affect flavor.
2. In a separate space, perhaps a computer or a piece of paper,
combine all site context with all code requirements.
3. Gently fold in two parts structure with one-part enclosure into the existing composition. Mix until a reconcilable texture is achieved.
4. Pour the mixture onto the site. At this point, the mixture might curdle. A few things can fix this: Repeat steps 2–3, or massage the mixture until the desired texture
is achieved.
5. Add a dash of ____.
6. Let bake for a few days, months, or years. Continue to reassess and make necessary adjustments until desired architecture is constructed.
7. Garnish with landscape.


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April 23, 2020
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April 16, 2020
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