A Dash of ______

Volume 5, Issue 19
April 23, 2020

Or don’t you see through me
yet? i’m openly holding nothing to prove

being with the things we’re in. this old

transparency i can’t write from to come
to grips with silence. or find a pause in its continuity

it should break                                       off

itself for a
fragment of the future’s

peculiarity. the dream of a more
fluid world or streams
of time with stones in it. separators

and unbroken

flow. it takes stoppage

to show I’m a place

I’m going too. beading my way

toward like mitosis along
a string. breeding illusions of my
constancy. every day materializes

a new vacancy                                          a desire

for coherence. the horizon turns over and
the split cells of our becoming

roll back

to the edges

that made us. coming together

traces capacity. every day’s
colors swirl to the brim. dance but

don’t quite run together. so when we spill
over our limits time slips
its loop as a bracelet. so only slivers of light

tell unmoored moments apart. a platform

to reach the next time i separate
where the light can touch itself too

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Volume 5, Issue 19
April 23, 2020

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