On the Ground



Volume 8, Issue 06
April 21, 2023

ANTHONY ACCIAVATTI’s class group goes to India for spring break. They are a national hit, appearing on a news interview. Stated “Largest university in America visits”. Interview clips can be found online. Don’t miss out on ALEKSA MILOJEVIC’s smoldering glare, or BEN DERLAN’s farming experience recollection. British Landscapes still can’t feel their legs.

March 26-31

Class photo week has come and gone. A special thank you to all student photographers that offered free labor for the sanctity of our collective memory. TONG HSU is held hostage in the SB for multiple hours.


JIA YING brings in a pregnant sympathy belly. BIMAL MENDES is seen tenderly lifting the belly to give his shoulders some relief.

April 2

RICHARD DEFLUMERI is on a warpath. ‘Trash’ and precious models have received a yellow sheet marker “ATTENTION, please remove your project by Friday April 31st” with a section of trash bin, and a model marked ‘your project’ inside. SEBASTIAN ELVERSKOG acts as henchman.

April 4 

SIGNE FERGUSON sends a message to YSoAcial at 4:56 pm: “Does anyone have a large or industrial sized freezer?”. She is ridiculed by ANDREW CLUM, NABIL HAQUE , and CARLOS BLANCO. Also requested by her this year: mod podge, mini easels, a large clay jug, thin wire, a kayak, oil burner ignition transformer, flour and nails. $100 to anyone who can guess what the project is.

April 6 

ARTIFICIAL FOREST opens in the North Gallery, beautifully curated by the thoughtful PADDY MITTAG-MCNAUGHT, OWEN WANG, ARIEL BINTANG, & VAL ZHAO. The space is crowded, and packed to the gills with beautiful lights, furniture, and contemplations on material utopias. Highlight: Light / wood installation on the ceiling. Rumor has it that the lights will be for sale. Custom pencils are also offered upon request.

Open House week is amongst us. Everyone puts on their best or worst faces, depending on how they are feeling about school at the moment. Bonus points for chain smokers staking out the terraces, and cultivating an honest image of school culture. Beware the random face that pops by your desk to just ‘ask a few questions’. Overheard in almost every conversation: shade towards the GSD.

The first official sighting of the midnight kitchen: JUN NAM decided to bring his culinary creations to life in a clandestine kitchen on the fourth floor - Where the only thing brighter than the flickering flames are the sirens from the NH sanitation department.

April 7

Last issue’s launch moves students from Rudolph over to a Greenhouse filled with sound, light, and warmth. Issue Editors NICOLE DE ARAUJO, HELENA MAURER, and EMMA SHEREFKIN acquire every JBL speaker in the school, and host a pregame to keep everyone well lubricated. This place has everything: Magic. Witchy vibes. Xylophones. Cacti. Koi pond.

April 18

A beautiful design (team named after one of the first twelve letters of the alphabet) is chosen for this year’s Building Project. The staff holds everyone in tipsy suspense on the 7th floor terrace while they deliberate.

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Volume 8, Issue 06
April 21, 2023