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Transient Solidarity

Volume 8, Issue 03
December 2, 2022

Film shown this week: Synecdoche; Makes us wonder if we are all just building little worlds to trap ourselves and others inside of them …

Annual sock party occurs hosted by JAHAAN SCOPIO & GRACE BROOKS.

LOCAL 33 Union update: This election is a historic moment that will have profound effects on the future of student work at Yale. We’re going to make our voices heard and we’re going to do it together. Thanks to the tireless work of fellow students, Yale is being forced to answer the call, and give the possibility of a Union due process.

November 10
Model fair is a flurry as usual. Tiny chairs are the star, naturally.
Ping pong table arrives on 7 because of the efforts of ANDREW CLUM. ALAN PLATTUS seen battling on the table like an Olympian. CALVIN LIANG documents and fangirls.

November 11
OUTLINES party! Gryphons, naturally.
Pro prac decides to communicate through hieroglyphics and coded diagrams. SAM GOLINI asks at 3:15pm “wait… what does S mean?” (zoom crashes and fills screen with S’s)

JEEU SARAH KIM, IVAN TAE, ANA BATLLE, and SIGNE FERGUSON are seen bringing 200 lbs of sand into the gallery for the upcoming Exhibit. Exhibit has been postponed due to gallery discomfort with natural materials. The team is informed 4 hours before opening. Exhibit to occur after thanksgiving. Details to come.

November 12
PETER EISENMAN’s symposium Towards a Celebration time is moved so that Peter can attend the football game “an apt way to end the days HANNAH MAYER”. The school busses everyone to the game.

Badminton Tournament finals soon.

Nov 17
LACINA COULIBALY performance at CCAM - a dance in response to the masks at the Bamigboye exhibition at the YUAG. NABIL HAQUE and ALEX WARDLE SOLANO create set design out of 82 hand drawn images.

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Volume 8, Issue 03
December 2, 2022