Volume 6 · Issue 09

February 28, 2021

10 articles

Editor's Statement

The indeterminant. The unresolved. The ambiguous. -ish is almost something, nearly something, kind of something. -ish cannot be easily classified nor labeled, instead it revels within the off and imprecise, located somewhere vaguely along a fuzzy spectrum. To mimic, to fake, to synthesize, to simulate, to alter, to mutate; they are found in objects, buildings, spaces, images, representations, media, territories, environments and more.

This plethora of ambiguous realities lead us to question: Is it possible for -ish to offer an alternative framework of subversion towards the categorization of life, space and objects? And if so, can we become aware of -ish? Having brought to the surface the fluctuating definitions of what we consider -ish to be, can it be consciously produced? And ultimately, how can it serve as a different mode of knowledge, design, and production?

This issue is a loose collection of articles that reobserve, reexperience, and reevaluate our architectural and cultural landscape through the framework of -ish: from architectural forms, design methodologies, animation, cultural forces, psychic phenomena, language, sound, identity, to inbetweenness.

Only by acknowledging and embracing the -ish can we truly partake in the complexities of the spaces we inhabit. -ish is not an ambition, -ish already exists, -ish is an intrinsic condition of our contemporary life.

-ish · Volume 6 · Issue 09
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February 28, 2021
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