The Dean’s List: Mushrooms



Volume 5, Issue 15
February 27, 2020

Welcome to the Dean’s List: your weekly destination for Deborah Berke’s most on-topic, off the beaten path rankings.**

Dean Berke: “My favorite mushrooms… Note that I do really like mushrooms of ALL kinds, especially sautéed in butter (in the winter) and raw in a salad of thinly sliced celery and fennel with vinaigrette (in the summer).”

7th Floor-Portobellos
6th Floor-Morel
5th Floor-Cremini
4th Floor-Chanterelles
Sub-Basement-Chicken of the Woods

**Discarded from the rankings: Matsutake, wood ear, Toad (of Nintendo’s Super Mario fame), Psilocybe cubensis (magic mushrooms), and Amanita muscaria (Santa’s reindeer mushrooms). Dean Berke: “Toad is cute, legal and mindlessly distracting. Psilocybe cubensis is definitely distracting and is only legal in the Bahamas, Brazil, Jamaica, the Netherlands, and Samoa.”

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Volume 5, Issue 15
February 27, 2020