The Dean's List: Seeds


A field: to seed, or not to seed

Volume 6, Issue 03
October 7, 2020

Welcome to the Dean’s List: your weekly destination for Deborah Berke’s most on-topic,
off-the-beaten-path rankings.

Penthouse: in the spirit of the season, roasted pumpkin seeds
7th Floor: sunflower seeds
7th Floor terrace: Urban Seeds Kitchen for Plantation Park Heights, Urban Farmers of Baltimore City
6th Floor: pomegranate seeds
5th Floor: Kitazawa Seed Co. Catalogue
4th Floor: New York Botanical Garden Tip of the Week “Cleaning, Drying, and Storing Seeds”
3rd Floor: Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Svalbard, Norway, by Snøhetta
2nd Floor: Australian Plant Bank, New South Wales, by BVN Donovan Hill
1st Floor: UK Pavilion at Shanghai World Exhibition Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick
Basement: USDA Plant Bank Aberdeen, Idaho
Sub-basement: Millenium Seedbank, Wakehurst, England by Stanton Williams – a little too close to the Kimbell

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Volume 6, Issue 03
October 7, 2020