Internal Memo: Advanced Studio Survey

Tourism Revolution

Volume 4, Issue 01
September 13, 2018

Internal Memo is a new column introduced this
semester to provide a space for the immediate.

Do you like the lottery system?
Yes – 71.4%
No – 28.6%

Were you entirely honest during the lottery?
Yes – 100%
No – 0%

Lottery, etc.
“Can’t confidently say whether I like or dislike the lottery system.”
“It is the best option of what could be many worse ways to pick classes.”
“It’s just way too complicated!! I literally had to study the night before to understand how the whole thing worked, and even then I didn’t fully. “

Advanced Critic Impressions

Julie Snow w/ Surry Schlabs
“It’s crucial that critics are here to present. Her absence was a huge factor in not selecting her as a top choice.”
“Sounds interesting but slightly similar to our ferry terminal project; the critic seems to be experienced and good.”
First Assignment – Site Analysis.

Adam Yarinsky w/ Lexi Tsien-Shiang
“Cool prompt but too close to be exciting and too far to be personally relevant.”
“The critics presented their project really well. This is a studio that I think moved
up in preference after the presentations. The brief is interesting, controlled in size and program and therefore perhaps one of the most appropriate briefs for a professional studio.”
First Assignment – Design an installation at the YUAG to hold two Rothko paintings.

Peter Eisenman w/ Anthony Gagliardi
“I heard Peter wanted to do a “critical tower” this semester, but I was pleasantly surprised this wasn’t the case. The idea of employing failed urban strategies definitely piqued my interest. I mean, why not try it out in good ol’ New Haven.”
“Presented an interesting topic/project, one of the cooler trips, and most focused study plans.”
First Assignment – Site model.

Lyndon Neri & Rosanna Hu w/ Andrew Benner
“I can’t believe they will fly from Shanghai weekly, that is insane.”
“Sure, there won’t be any saunas during travel week, but I’m always down for some good Shanghainese food.”
First Assignment – Choose a piece of fiction and create a space inspired by it.

Omar Gandhi w/ Marta Caldeira
“I couldn’t read past the first line of the description. Never considered this studio a serious option, especially at the advanced studio level at one of the “top schools” of architecture in the country.”
“First I was skeptical, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it!”
First Assignment – Use a tarp to control sun, rain, or wind in a New Haven site.

Michael Samuelian and Simon Hartman w/ Andrei Harwell
“Interesting balance between the ‘developer’ and architect. The project is ambiguous and I think that was off-putting. Especially considering the M.Arch 1 class has just come from a semester inventing their own projects.”
“Not really that exciting given its proximity to New Haven, and my familiarity with New York City. Seemed like a mundane project (although seemed a bit less mundane after the lecture).”
First Assignment – Glamping on Governor’s Island.

Lisa Gray and Alan Organschi w/ Andrew Ruff
“Classic Alan.”
“I appreciated the different take on architecture for this studio; the systems thinking rather than the customary aesthetic project.”
First Assignment – Designing a household object using Circular Economic Principles.

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Volume 4, Issue 01
September 13, 2018

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