Rendering Fiction

Volume 7, Issue 08
April 18, 2022

Editor's Statement

I often get criticism for using tools that don’t seem particularly useful to architecture
    -Yale Faculty Member, 2021

Beautiful images have the ability to freeze movement, suspend belief, and open doors to discourse. This issue offers 12 provocations that explore a productive distance between the architect and the built world, ruminations on how the world can and should be rendered—two queries that are fundamental to architectural practice. These pieces stake claims, question methods of making and models of familiarity. This issue is meant to encourage the reader to follow suite.

As we image the world, we uncover a relationship between disciplinary consumption, desire, and autonomy. Visualization sharpens fiction, a construct whose boundaries have been rendered hazy through perception. Refining this “edge” has the power to background and foreground, to mediate, to remystify and mythologize the world. Imagery grants a stage for the architectural idea, one that the architect will traverse far more than the earth on which any one building might be constructed.

Christopher Pin is an M.Arch I Canadian (‘23) at the Yale School of Architecture.
Saba Salekfard is an M.Arch II Candidate (‘22) at the Yale School of Architecture.

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Volume 7, Issue 08
April 18, 2022

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