“Happiness lies in your own hand

It took me much too long to understand

How it could be

Until you shared your secret with me”



As architecture students, we’re very familiar with “post.” (For instance – postmodernism.) From the one-time only postal service to YSoA, this one’s addressed to you. So here goes:

Dear readers,

Here’s our secret: we needed a break from analytic articles. (Here’s another one – posthumanism). Honestly, if we had read the word “ideology” one more time…

(Post-digital.) Hopefully this came across the desk of those of you that felt the same way and the others of you that are secretly gossip trolls. (Post punk.)

We wanted to hear from you – your secrets, your fears, your overheard oddities, your letters, why you were crying in the 7th floor bathroom, your message for your studio crush. (Post aestheticism.) You wrote us letters and entrusted your notes to Minerva. (Post parametric.) Still more of you kept your secret feelings to yourselves, but hey – now your studio crush will never know that someone feels the way you do. (Postcoital.)

We’re lucky that we get to choose where our secrets go. Today some things are censored, and some things aren’t, and we often have trouble telling which is which. (Post-apocalyptic.)

A wise second-year once told us that people at this school bottle things up, but we should really just say them. (Posthumous [architecture for ghosts]). It feels good to let it out once in awhile; share your secret with someone, à la Madonna (Post adolescence). So for some inspiration, just for you, here are some of YSoA’s very own post secrets.









Graphic Designer

Published on February 9, 2017