On the Ground


Volume 2, Issue 15
February 9, 2017

On the Ground

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“Liz Fizz” Plater-Zyberk gave good advice to young architects who want to make a difference in this environment: look around, see what’s already here, you don’t have to always start something yourself. Teamwork.


No one showed up to this 6 on 7. Sad. May we suggest some alternative themes: french fry mountain hot dog eating contest; gingerbread mulled wine ugly sweater contest; random student work pin-up with costco hors d’oeuvres; popcorn pizza pajama party; watermelon soju karaoke musical chairs


Sounds of the historic Super Bowl comeback by the Patriots resonated throughout studios on Sunday night. Also overheard in studio: ““Wait I always thought that SuperBowl was a place. Like they played ‘in SuperBowl.’ Which I thought was a stadium in Wisconsin.”


If you heard hysterical screeching on the 7th floor between 3 and 4 pm, know that no physical altercation occurred despite the violent and senseless demolition of a ¾” = 1’ final model moments before presentation.



MFG’s seminar gains traction, launched into spotlight due to difficult times and the YSOA’s continuing role in political activism.


ArchRecord picks up the story on repercussions of the immigration ban on the architecture community.


Weekly open life drawing sessions are held Wed. 8-10pm, 601 at the School of Art.

JoAnna Lio Amos, producer at Electronic Arts whose work includes the Sims will give a talk on Friday, Feb 10 11:30 am at the DMCA.

OTG recommends a day trip to MOMA to see the new ad hoc fifth-floor exhibition featuring work produced by artists from the seven countries affected by the immigration ban, including Zaha Hadid.

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Volume 2, Issue 15
February 9, 2017