On the Ground: First Year Survey 2019

Other, Etc. A Catalog Of Anything But Architecture

Volume 5, Issue 01
August 29, 2019

Home is…
Berlin germany
The one place I can sleep comfortably.
New Zealand
Charlotte, NC
China,Sichuan Province, Chengdu
Knoxville, TN
Los Altos Hills, California
Bay City, Michigan
San Jose, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Moscow, Russia & Yerevan, Armenia
WI (always <3) / Minneapolis / NYC

Why Architecture?
Long hours, low pay, high stress
Engineers are too boring
Why not?
Fascination with the built environment since childhood.
To make daily life more beautiful
Architecture is the grandest of all the arts
Alec Purves
why not
Civil engineers don’t get to make drawings
I am in interested in the way architecture & space affects politics, social structures, and our everyday lives.
My mother inspired me, good thing I completely fell in love with it
I need to study math but I can’t JUST study math; I can’t tell my parents I’m a philosopher but I love reducing topics to their first principles; I think it’s hard to work exclusively with people but I love to study them.
It’s everything!
It allows me to affect people’s life and emotion passively
Environmental and spatial practices will help determine the future of human life
What has been my consistent passion
I blame the MC Escher book my parents kept on our coffee table when I was a kid
people + space

Joint-degree w/ School of Forestry
Orange [paprika] carpet
The food around here is alright.
It felt like the best place to gain further knowledge about the implementation of theoretical frameworks in practice of architecture.
A sense of community and passion for architecture
The best in the world
Rudolph Hall
Cuz Rudolph is bae <3
For its amazing community, faculty, and history!
I wanted the opportunity to learn from the best thinkers and designers
The School of Drama!
Community, Keller, and Rudolph Hall
A balance of elements
I feel myself and I hope to become it
The sweet 2-desk 2-monitor set up
YSoA gave me a “knowledgeable, curious, and not afraid to ‘nerd out’ ” vibe. Prospective students attending the open house seemed very committed to learning, and the school seemed very committed to teaching. Also, I wanted to participate in Jim Vlock’s Building Project.

Your most interesting job?
Bartending at an art gallery
AML modeling of the wiring for the aircraft carrier: USS Gerald Ford.
Artist apprentice
Intern at a design company
Glassblowing apprentice
the next one
teaching an architecture studio to high school students
Working for a start up
Applying damp kitty litter to the surface of balloons for an artist
Designer @ FreelandBuck
Head Gardener at a convent
Yakinuku Chef
Worked at the concessions stand at college football games
Currently, in my mind, my most interesting job is a tie between working on a tech company HQ in San Francisco and working in a factory on various electrical part assemblies.

What other career paths did you consider?
Most of them
Roboticist and wanna be astronaut
Bicycle cop
Aerospace Engineering
industrial design
Copy editor
producer in film/music industry (just a wish:P)
Illustrator/Animation Artist
English Professor or Journalist
Becoming a doctor or nutritionist
Mathematician; Philosopher/Lawyer/Professor; Psychologist
Journalism and Film
Artist, Singer, Philosopher
Law, baking, horticulture
journalism, industrial design

What is your unpopular opinion?
Astrology is boring
Ketchup should not exist.
95% of all late nights in studio can be avoided by proper time management.
Knitting is cool
Tacky glue is better than Elmer’s.
unpopularity is a relative concept…
Chicken nuggets are so dry they aren’t even good
That peanut butter and chocolate aren’t meant to go together
Peanut butter should be refrigerated
I actually kind of love driving in LA.
The world is meaningless when comes to the destination of the universe
The President of the United States is not as important as we are lead to believe
That Rustic is beaut
Time is fake (which is why I’m always late)
IM(U)O: The Notre Dame fire got too much media coverage and too many pledged donations. The amount of coverage it got, to me, shows how biased the world / society / collective psyche is in determining what is “worth saving”, and what is worth spending money on. Plenty of other sacred spaces have been devastated without that much media coverage or donation money flowing in. I love buildings / sacred sites and think they are worth preserving for future generations, but that whole episode seemed really imbalanced.

If you were a plant, what kind would you be?
Ghost pipe
Strawberry palm tree
Redwood Cedar
Pohutukawa tree
Polka dot plant
Lilium japonicum
A hydrangea
One of those windswept Monterey Cypress trees that grow along Highway 1.
jasmine vine
A fuzzy little cactus
ginkgo biloba

What is your favorite texture or pattern?
splatter paint on bicycles
Evenly spaced dots
something rough a gritty like volcanic rock
White noise
terrazzo (for now)
Grid 🙂 I’m basic
texture: rounded wood dowels (wall application)
Natural sisal texture, absolutely blank no pattern pattern
Photo scan of autoclaved aerated concrete
Light through rippling water
Suede all the frickin way!!!
Waffle towel
It is hard to pick a favorite. I enjoy repetition in pattern. I love concrete texture.

How many dresser drawers would it take to hold all your clothes?
One drawer of extraordinary size
One for too many socks
7 large drawers
always need one more
Would prefer a closet cuz 90% of my outfits are dresses
Probably six
6 this is a fact
Ask me again when I finally buy a dresser D:
An infinite number of infinitely small dresser drawers
What are the dresser/drawer dimensions?
how big is the dresser drawer?

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Volume 5, Issue 01
August 29, 2019