McDonald’s Rap


Other, Etc. A Catalog Of Anything But Architecture

Volume 5, Issue 01
August 29, 2019

Sweaty palms, heavy arms, weakening knees
Super Size Me, extra order of fries please
and a side of mystery meat
neither animal, vegetable, nor mineral
better thrill the grillz with deep fried miracles
Simple pre-prepared paper meals,
served over plastic table tops,
as well as red and yellow window sills

Quarter pounder, fed from another quarter
found around the counter
soft beef until they turn up the heat with a piece
raw, medium, well-done or burnt to a crisp
Ashes to ashes, a mind to mind peace
till your deep fried sides start to seize
Trading time for a Dollar Menu three-piece
Plus cream and coffee for a dollar store fee
around everything, cash rules me
Mickie, Mickie, Mickie, can’t you see
somehow your foods just hypnotize me

Sacrifice your pay for Good fillet o’fish Fridays
pray they may keep the golden arches at bay
Delayed, just to come back on Easter Sunday
my big cousin’s getting bigger every day
moving weight, not anything to celebrate
debating whether it’s food or just another craving to satiate
an appetite is a terrible thing to incarcerate
always behind food bars, like DOOM under the silver face

Always worry whether they can get a McFlurry
In a hurry to get chow down together from the clown
however the ice cream machine is always down
Reverse the order, need a McFly to turn time around
Time to frown, even though I’m lovin it
Mcdonalds hasn’t seen nothing yet

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Volume 5, Issue 01
August 29, 2019