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August 29, 2019

If I told you how much my most coveted pen is worth, you would probably think I’m completely bananas. It’s a pen, for goodness’ sake! But I’m here to tell you, it isn’t just a pen. Like most budding architecture students with starry eyes and a taste for fancy stationery, I picked up a Lamy Safari fountain pen back in 2008. I thought this was the fanciest pen I could ever own, with its streamlined steel nib and unique paperclip style cap.

Enter 2014: one boring afternoon in studio while browsing the internet. I discovered one of the biggest time sinks and wallet destroyers to enter my starving-student life. There are other pens than the Lamy that both look cool and are more sophisticated than a Sakura Micron? You bet. Pens have
variety in the most minute ways: barrel shapes, lengths, intricate finial and clip details, weight, nib thicknesses, twist or snap caps, converter or piston filling. Pens are also made of what feels like a library of all the materials you could make your studio models out of. There is no shortage of variation to this obsession, and while I have a little less weight in my bank account, it is worth it.

I believe nothing is mightier to the designer than the pen, so why not overcomplicate and explore all the ways we can put pen to paper. In an effort to share this can of worms that I’ve opened, I even started a blog to document my collection:

Publication Date
August 29, 2019
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