Do You Read Me? (3): Quiz: Do My Parents Understand My Studio Project?


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Volume 7, Issue 03
November 8, 2021

Do You Read Me is a recurring column that uses humor as a way of cutting through academic jargon while thoughtfully communicating something about the discipline of architecture. It is situated at the intersection of punditry, poetry, and absurdity.

Quiz: Do My Parents Understand My Studio Project?
Katie Colford

  1. When you explained your studio project to your parents, did you use the word “metaphorical”?

  2. Was their response “It’s modern, but I like it!”?

  3. Did they ask a clarifying question to which you answered, “Oh, well, we don’t really need to think about those kinds of things…”?

  4. Were the scale figures what impressed them the most?

  5. Was the phrase “Yes, it does have to do with architecture” required? (Does your project have to do with architecture?)

  6. Did you try walking them through the project by tracing the circulation on the plan, then give it a shot with the model, then go back to the plan, only to regret having started the conversation at all?

  7. Did showing them a GIF backfire miserably?

  8. Was the exact drawing that wowed your studio critic precisely what caused the most confusion to your parents?

  9. Were there tears?

  10. Did you feel the need to suggest they read Hegel first?

  11. Is there a “blurred boundary” in your project?

  12. Do your parents know more about plumbing than you do?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your parents do not understand your studio project. But do not despair! There is one final question:

  1. With God as your witness, is there a front door to your building?

Yes? Congratulations. You have communicated with your parents.

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Volume 7, Issue 03
November 8, 2021