Do You Read Me? (4): International Climate Summit or Architecture School?


Draw Me A _____

Volume 7, Issue 04
November 22, 2021

“We’ve made much more progress than we ever could’ve imagined a couple years ago. But it’s still nowhere near enough.”1

– Helen Mountford, Vice President for Climate and Economics at the World Resources Institute at the recent UN Climate Change
Conference (COP26)

Everyone agrees that change is needed. “You go first.”

Every decision is apparently the wrong one.

Despite these odds, everyone is very confident that they are making good decisions.

“Progress is slow.”

“At least double” is needed, whatever it is.

Energy resources are to be protected at all costs; as necessary, dig deeper.

Everyone is sweating.

What looks pragmatic to one person is outrageous to another.

No, it is never “enough.”

Everyone’s a critic.

As deadlines approach, ambition increases while follow-through decreases.

Everyone comes out looking ten years older than when they started.

Not as many single people in attendance as hoped.

  1. Qtd. in Brad Plumer and Lisa Friedman, “Can Glasgow Deliver on a Global Climate Deal?,” The New York Times, November 8, 2021. ↩︎

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Volume 7, Issue 04
November 22, 2021