Issue 01

Volume , Issue 01
September 4, 2014

A Manifesto

We need a record which keeps pace with our community.

While our existing publications Retrospecta, Perspecta, & Constructs respectively provide a yearly monograph, a compilation of work from distinguished contributors, and a faculty curated newsletter, Paprika will be a student run publication bound firmly to our present and our place. As a running record, it celebrates the student voice – the critical, the raw, and the radical. Paprika masters the ground, so that we all might stand on it.

Paprika has two parts.


A space for the exploration of the subjective in architecture, here you (or a team) can claim space and compose it as you wish. Here is a place to articulate and test arguments, whether they come from work in studio, work on contests, or an exploration of a topic of personal interest. Papers from classes, fitted to the allotted space, are fair game and encouraged.

You can ask for an editor, in which case you will have earlier deadlines to revise multiple drafts. You can also ask for a prompt. Finally, if you want, you can have a free hand with the page, the graphics, even the form of your argument.


Tightly edited blurbs depicting the life of the school, here will be quips from reception, lecture, critiques, symposiums or seminars, a synopsis of the badminton tournament, the common spices which flavor this place.

There will also be reports answering questions of common interest, questions which have factual answers. For instance, where are all the graduates working? How many of our faculty have firms? How many have PhDs? What exactly are the real costs of printing, anyway?


Paprika will be a quarterly publication. In all cases, the work will be produced and edited by current students of the YSoA. In all cases, the work must be your own and be true. In all cases, there will be a celebration of the raw and radical, the critical and clear, the brief and the witty. Concerned with process, not just product, Paprika will have an educational component: with work for all those who want it, herein students will practice both discourse and its curation.

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Volume , Issue 01
September 4, 2014

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