1. 1

    A Letter to the Curriculum Committee

    Nicole Doan
  2. 2

    Do We Need Air Conditioners?

    Abena Bonna
  3. 3

    Getting Warmer: Higher Degrees of Student Agency

    Page Comeaux
  4. 4

    Recollections of Semester One

    Hamzah Ahmed
  5. 5

    Rudolph Hall Weather Report: A Psycho-Architectural Survey

    Jeffrey Liu
  6. 6

    Temperature Check: Cultural Shift

    Rhea Schmid
  7. 7

    Image, Itself: A Mirage

    Sarah Weiss
  8. 8

    On the Ground

Publication Date
January 10, 2019
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Editor's Statement

“Temperature” seeks reflections:

On the temperature of our school,

On the temperature of our architecture,

On the temperature of our profession,

On the temperature of our planet.

Allowing for the multiplicitous interpretation of temperatures, both literal and figurative, we acknowledge that architecture has the power alter political and emotional climates, as well as the physical climates that surround it. This issue is a provocation to measure the education, practice, and temporality of our architecture.