On the Ground


Volume 4, Issue 09
January 10, 2019

Meal Radiant Temperature

“Can I write about how the soups at Atticus could be a little bit warmer?” – Rhea Schmid

Season’s Griddings

“Make America grid again.” – Peter Eisenman

Hot Dog!

Students return home for winter recess and the annual sharing of family pet photos commences.

Shoes Off YSoA

School is out, shoes are off. It’s time to travel and throw on those comfy sneakers: from 110° F sandy Sydney beach flip flops to 15° F snowy mountain ski boots.

Hot Garbage

Matthew Liu makes his yearly pilgrimage to the Vanna Venturi House to pay his respects to the PoMo gods and also to update his profile pic.

Forget About It

Peter Eisenman receives an honorary doctorate from TU Berlin. Kurt Forster, who is in attendance, reveals that “Eisenman” spelled backwards is “Amnésie.” (Apparently you don’t repeat the N.)

Bread Alert

Rumor has it that the aroma of Trattie Davies’ Bauhaus bread continued to emanate from the Rudolph Apartment well into the break.

And the award goes to…

Shopping week is once again upon us, so Paprika! is now accepting nominations for the Best Email Begging to be Placed Into an Elective Award.

M.Arch Fun

With changes to the core curriculum, salty second years look forward to taking History/Theory with the first years while watching them take Studio and Building Project this semester.

Topical Rainforest

Norman R. Foster Visiting Professors Sandra Barclay and Jean Pierre Crousse will deliver the first lecture of the spring semester entitled, “Other Tropics.”

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Volume 4, Issue 09
January 10, 2019

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