On The Ground


Volume 5, Issue 13
February 6, 2020

January 29, 2020: Winter blues officially descend upon YSoA:

“It usually starts as self care and quickly turns into depression,” Rachel Mulder, March I 2021, on taking a day off from studio.

With five major due dates over an eight-day period, first years are overheard discussing their plan to send a strongly worded email/cry for help to the combined Building Project and studio faculty—eerily reminiscent of last year. Will the M.Arch I second semester ever not feel like too much?

January 30, 2020: Jonathan Toews had to leave the undergraduate Scales of Design review early after cutting his finger on a piece of broken glass from one of the projects. Fortunately, no stitches were required and the fourth floor first-aid kit got its first use of the semester.

“Something in here—with the corn dogs next to the Russians next to the Copenhagen warming huts—is your architecture,”—Aniket Shahane, reviewing his second-year urban studio.

January 31, 2020: After being featured in last issue’s “On the Ground,” @deskcrit ups the journalistic rhetoric of its captions. Yeah, we’re watching you.

In a slip of the tongue during Renaissance and Modern II, Peter Eisenmann inadvertently coins the term
“re-Loos-tionship.” Who doesn’t love a good dad joke.

February 2, 2020: After a site visit to the Bronx, second-years wonder if J.Lo’s half-time show at the Super Bowl counts as research for their developing projects.

Entomological update: days after the first-year biome projects review on Thursday, a rogue silkworm is found cocooning in Taku Samejima’s model, sparking conversation about adaptive reuse.

February 3, 2020: Following last semester’s unprecedented trend of all-cream outfits on reviews, Spring/Summer 2020 suggests a move towards shades of orange. Off-paprika might be the new off-white.

February 4, 2020: Advanced studios prepare for travel week by avoiding all coronavirus coverage on the news.

A random note shows up on a CO— editors’ table: “Sorry architecture for eating all your 6 on 7 pizza.” GD, YSoA

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Volume 5, Issue 13
February 6, 2020