Paprika! Bulletin II

AAU Westat-Yale Report

Volume 1, Issue 00
February 11, 2016

Paprika! Bulletins respond to recent and pressing events at Yale School of Architecture. Today’s bulletin addresses the meeting held on Monday, February 8, 2016 regarding the results of the AAU Campus Climate Survey. The school-wide gathering was a follow-up to a faculty meeting on the same subject that took place February 1. Dean Stern, Associate Dean John Jacobson, and Deputy Provost for Health Affairs & Academic Integrity Stephanie Spangler moderated.

The views expressed in Paprika! Bulletins do not represent those of the Yale School of Architecture. Please send all comments and corrections to To read Paprika! online, please visit our website,

Paprika! receives no funding from the School of Architecture. We thank GPSS and the Yale University Art Gallery for their support.

Issue Editors:
Jacqueline Hall (M.Arch & M.E.M. ‘18)
David Langdon (M.Arch ‘18)
YSOA Title IX Representatives

Cathryn Garcia-Menocal (M.Arch ‘17) Robert Smith Waters (M.Arch ‘18)
Elaina Berkowitz (M.Arch ‘17)
Edward Wang (B.A. ‘16)
Nicolas Kemper (M.Arch ‘16)

Coordinating Editors:
Tess McNamara (M.Arch & M.E.M. ‘18)
Maggie Tsang (M.Arch ‘17)

Rosen Tomov (MFA ‘16)
Erik Freer (MFA ‘17)

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Volume 1, Issue 00
February 11, 2016

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Coordinating Editors

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