Data From The AAU Westat-Yale Report

AAU Westat-Yale Report

Volume 1, Issue 00
February 11, 2016

For the University, the number of respondents that are Graduate or Professional Students
54.1% Women
43.6% Men

For Yale School of Architecture, the respondents as a percentage of the whole school by Gender
62.0% Women
60.0% Men

The number of respondents from the Yale School of Architecture
203 Respondents,
1.61% of total respondents from all Yale.

For Yale School of Architecture respondents, the percentage of reported sexual harassment, broken down by behavior, compared to all Graduate and Profes­sional respondents:

Insulting sexual remarks
40.8% YSoA
32.0% All Graduate and Professional Students

Graduate and Professional student respondents reporting sexual harassment by gender identity
53.9% Women
38.2% Men
78% Other Genders

Inappropriate personal comments
41.1% YSoA
34.7% All Graduate and Professional Students

For Yale School of Architecture Graduate and Professional respondents, the percentage of sexual harassment compared to all Graduate and Professional respondents and all Yale students.

Unwelcome sexual conversation
13.6% YSoA
13.8% All Graduate and Professional Students

Offensive digital communication
5.8% YSoA
5.3% All Graduate and Professional Students

Persistent advances after refusal
6.7% YSoA
7.9% All Graduate and Professional Students

For all Graduate and Professional respondents, percentage that experienced sexual harassment by anyone or by faculty.

All Graduate and Professional Students
46.0% By Anyone
11.0% By Faculty

Graduate and Professional Women
54.0% By Anyone
16.0% By Faculty

Graduate and Professional Men
38.0% By Anyone
7.0% By Faculty

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AAU Campus Climate Survey Meetings Beyond YSoA:

Harvard GSD: “When the survey results were published the University President gave a talk about sexual misconduct and our Dean led a very rushed, last-minute, half-hour segment, but it was not mandatory.” GSD Student

Columbia GSAPP: “Last year we had to make a video or image/ graphic as a response to the Sexual Climate Survey. I think it was a good idea, especially for an architecture school, because it engaged our graphic and critical sensibilities.It was Columbia’s first-ever quantitative survey of students’ experience and perception of sexual misconduct and campus climate, and Dean Amale Andraos sent out an email to all GSAPP’ers in support, encouraging our participation as it related to representing our opinions in the wider school.” GSAPP Student

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Volume 1, Issue 00
February 11, 2016

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