Yn totlalpan | En nuestra tierra | In our land

100 • Cycles

Volume 10, Issue 01
February 23, 2024

Twilight, sunset

Blood and tears drip down their faces while they are shaken in the dark. The air breathes down their necks, first borns, widows, uncles, all starving but alive. They leave the water and look at their reflection: reborn with goosebumps.

Person from the place of fog screams

The world does not welcome one with cinnamon skin yet we search for our roots and our people. At a young age, we were not worthy of living in the mansions we house kept, we were lost without any education and we feared being ripped away from our families.

Ocean storm

They call drug lords, thieves; good for nothing, leeches and everything that has to do with “dirty” because they see our purpose is being stepped on. We are “poison” in the eyes of hypocrites. They use us like towels, smear their dirt on us and dispose of us. They love having us like ornaments, eating our fruit and getting drunk off our sorrow, yet they silence us when we defend ourselves because we were never welcomed. We are sick of our people being spat on, sick of being called “illegal”, they raze our rights as workers and they keep exploiting our bodies with the end goal of becoming rich.

Never alone

To my people of color who will cross oceans, rivers and land to be here, YOU ARE WITHIN YOUR RIGHT, YOUR LAND, YOUR HOME, no matter what happens. There are few who respect us, we are not even human in the eyes of hypocrites, yet we are the omnipresent laborer and they are dust. Remember, we are not like them; we are wet guardians of Earth.

Get up

Come to the coast that is sunny, where our people are treated better and advocated for. There’s bountiful work but it’s not easy, even then we will not give up. You are within your right to drive, get an ITIN number, create your own bank account (do not let relatives manipulate you) and always guard your documents. You qualify for a U-1 if someone physically attacks you.


Be cautious of people with cactus on their forehead because they think speaking English makes them white, even India Maria and El Chapulín Colorado would laugh at those clowns. If you go to Texas, Florida or Oklahoma, you are non-existent. Be cautious with extortionists who disguise themselves as lawyers or as religious nuts.

until next time

Forgive me, my time is up. Take care of yourself please; we will see each other soon, say hello to your family for me. Be hopeful and take pride, you are in our land. The world is our oyster. Our people can go against anything. Never give up, always keep moving forward. I love you mom and dad. My people, I love you.