Volume 2, Issue 04
October 6, 2016

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The Dean’s Council, including former Dean Stern, was in attendance at Claire Weisz’s lecture on September 22nd. All enjoyed the White Manhattans at the reception that followed.

Dean Berke kicked off her first Building Project open house on Monday, September 22nd, in what locals are now referring to as Vlock Village, CT.

The 2016 Fall Rudolph Open is underway. Scouting reports are non-existent, but based on team names watch out for Return of Salami Boys, THE CLAP, Soy Vey, and Sarah Palin Parasailing. Succulent Peaches was winning the poster game as of press time.

Inclement weather led to the first indoor 6 on 7 last Friday. #winteriscoming

Outlines had their first meeting on the 7th floor on Friday afternoon. All allies and pronouns are welcome, stay tuned for next meeting.

Undergrads: If you’re reading this it’s too late. Send your thoughts our way next week.

First Years’ second review: Students push rock up Science Hill, watch as it rolls down.

Curious second year Dylan Weiser jumps in on last week’s Gage v. Schumacher facebook debate: “Waiting to read this thread as a full page in Paprika. The headline will probably read: Schumacher and social media spark debate among students at YSOA.” Decent guess, Dylan.

Advanced Studios are MIA for Travel Week. Keep tabs on their instagram hashtags: #MichaelYoungandAlive #glacierihardlyknowher #trollpatrol #sheepdeprived #YSOeh #McKennaGetanEhmen #OhMcKennada #codandbillie #enGagedinHawaii #maHOLLA #RocksHaveFeelingsToo #PapaGage #FindingDimSum #Shina #PVandGelli #devicenman #petersperoniprofiterols #estranged

Last Thursday in Columbus, Indiana, faculty members Joyce Hsiang, Bimal Mendis, and Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen joined Dean Berke and Bob Stern at the first annual Exhibit Columbus Symposium “Foundations and Futures,” where Hsiang and Mendis presented as finalists for the Miller Prize.

200 Miles away in Columbus, Ohio, Peter Eisenman joined BFF Jeff Kipnis and Matt Ford for a lecture at Ohio State on Friday. OTG wonders if he made time to take in the vista on the banks of the Olentangy.

Equality in Design hosted their first Brown Bag Lunch of the semester with Tom Angotti, professor of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College. His talk, called “Land Use, Race, and Displacement,” and the following discussion covered issues of tenants movements and the difficulties of helping displaced communities in New York.

First year Orli Hakanoğlu singlehandedly improves the YSOA SEO with the first installment of her Architizer column—Life of an Architecture Student. Notable Quotable: “I have yet to pull an all-nighter”

City-Wide Open Studios kicks off this Friday, October 7th, with an opening reception at ArtSpace. The event will continue every weekend through the end of the month. Check out artspacenewhaven.org for more info.

GTFO AND VOTE! US citizens: register to vote in CT by November 1st. Visit sots.ct.gov to register.

Live Drawing Classes on Wednesday at the Art School, 1156 Chapel Street, Room GO1, 8-10pm.

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Volume 2, Issue 04
October 6, 2016

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