On the Ground


Volume 4, Issue 06
November 1, 2018

“The Le Croix burst open … anyone want to shotgun it” – Zelig Fok

Omar Ghandi’s studio produces a very big site model. It is very big.

“What you have drawn is a sex palace” – said to Dimitris Hartonas during mid-review.

This year’s art and architecture Halloween party is themed “Consumer Nightmare.” “Limy” and “Jeff” don clever “Off-White” based costumes.

“I was genuinely terrified when they brought the boxes down … this party is too alternative for me” – SOM student

The Planning and Development site visit to Long Island City was cancelled due to “bad weather.” We all know the real reason is because everyone is deathly hungover.

Both Iven and Rukshan accidentally slept through the Halloween party.

10/28 Sunday
The editors of Paprika!: Halloween II host a pumpkin carving fund-raiser. Tayyaba and Luke use a dremel to create their trypophobia-inducing gourd. Spooky. Lamberto Bava’s Demons screened in Hastings Hall.

Thomas Mahon searches for beloved big and black jacket (with a sticky plastic waterproof sheen), lost at the Halloween party.

10/29 Monday
Environmental Design guest speaker Ning Xiang keeps students on their toes with his unexpected exclamations throughout the lecture “AHHH.”

Ann Murrow Johnson delivers her talk “World Building: Designing Experiential Stories at Disney” as part of the Brown Bag Lunch series.

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Volume 4, Issue 06
November 1, 2018