Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta)

Publication Date
April 2, 2020

Truth be told, I’ve never seen a Rainbow eucalyptus in person. The tree is native to the Philippines, the only eucalyptus that grows in the northern hemisphere, and is an explosive display of technicolor. I remember googling it and thinking it belonged on a Dr. Seuss set. Feast your eyes on its psychedelic trunk, akin to the aftermath of a unicorn’s sneeze or a VW van from the 60s. The fluorescent colors may seem out of place, even “unnatural” at first, but its magnificence will sink in and suddenly, you will be left wondering: why don’t more trees shed their bark and show off their chlorophyll magic?

Colors include: slime green, Barney the Dinosaur purple, Rex the Dinosaur green, Lorax orange, Oliver Sacks’ indigo, Clifford the Big Red Dog red, Big Bird yellow, Dora the Explorer pink.

Publication Date
April 2, 2020
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