On the Ground

The Value of Design

Volume 4, Issue 14
March 28, 2019

Midterm Week
“It’s one thing to produce chewing gum; it’s a dumb form of production. It’s another thing to produce good wine.” –Pier Vittorio Aureli on the importance of rituals which bring people together.

“I like the graphics. The impenetrability may be part of their charm.” –Surry Schlabs on Haylie Chan’s and Jeffrey Liu’s project.

Bon Voyage
Before spring break, Peter Eisenman concluded Diagrammatic Analysis with, “Have a nice spring break. Don’t go to Hawaii.”

Job Search Anxiety
“I want to upload a picture of myself online, so firms have to hire me after they use me in their renderings.” –Rukshan Vathupola

ahhhhHHH Freak Out!
Regarding second and third year portfolio reviews:

Should I be freaking out..??? (answer is no..)
–Mark Foster Gage

I’m still freaking out. –Second and third years

Atticus Interruptus
Students expand their gastronomic palate as the majority of YSoA goes without its regularly scheduled intake of soup and bread on spring break.

Goodnight Moon
In the latest issue of The New Yorker Deborah Berke commented on the possibility of a fake moon to replace New York City’s street lights: “My fear is that a New York version would be like the subway–creaky, old, and late.”

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Volume 4, Issue 14
March 28, 2019

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