The COVID-19 Journals

The COVID-19 Journals


COVID-19 has left us stranded halfway between our pre-pandemic realities and our current Zoom limbo. Now more than ever, we navigate by stories, and in their telling sometimes we find ourselves tucked into someone else’s story for a sentence or two—the connection offering a measure of comfort and reprieve. Whether you identify with the stories on this page or not, they make up a constellation through which we invite you to trace and navigate your own life events. We hope they bring some sense of cohesion and connection, their threads criss-crossing through space and time to tie us back together in some way, even when all seems irreparably torn and fractured. The voices collected on this page are in response to a school-wide survey. While condensed and edited for clarity, they are, as much as possible, presented as received. Our thanks to the storytellers who contributed to this ongoing conversation, and our gratitude to those who provided this space in which to gather.



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Published on April 13, 2020

Volume V is printed with generous support from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

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