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Same Same, But Different

Volume 4, Issue 10
January 24, 2019

Thursday, 1/10

“You mean, how classical is the classical studio? (Pause.) Classical.” -Paul Florian during the Q&A part of the advanced studio lottery

Sunday 1/13

Denied access to government GIS datasets, Paul Wu exclaims, “This is probably the most esoteric way the government shutdown could affect me.”

Monday 1/14

Paprika! holds its first meeting of the semester, and introduces the new publishers, Liam Grace-Flood and Jun Chen, from the Yale School of Management.

Although it’s only the beginning of the semester, second year post-pro, Priyanka Sheth proclaimed, “I’m in Yexit mode.”

Tuesday 1/15

Congrats to Brennan Buck of FreelandBuck for the completion of their second house, called Second House!

Wednesday 1/16

“[MANY is] more Keller Easterling than Keller Easterling.” -Jacob Schaffert

Thursday 1/17

The student exhibition HUTONGism curated by Baolin Shen & Jingqiu Zhang opens in the North Gallery.

Friday 1/18

“Almost everything in classical architecture can be modeled with a ‘sweep1.’” -Christopher Tritt, expert classicist

Saturday 1/19

Nicolas Kemper (M.Arch 2016), a Paprika! founding editor, and Molly O’Laughlin were married at the Little Church Around the Corner in Manhattan. Paprika-inspired fare was conspicuously missing from the reception menu, however at least 24 former Paprika! editors and contributors were among the celebrants at the event. Congrats Nic and Molly!

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Volume 4, Issue 10
January 24, 2019

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