Reading the Room

Volume 7, Issue 07
April 7, 2022

This publication was mapped, sequenced, and illuminated by designers Ainsley Romero and Junyi Shi.

The type for this issue is set in Kai Bernau’s Lyon (2005–2010)—a serif typeface based on historical models of the 16th-century punch cutter by Robert Granjon for books and contemporary publication; with additional type in Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb’s Favorit (2013)—a straightforward, low-contrast grotesque that combines geometric rigidity with subtle oddities and a humorous touch. The lettering found on the cover was hand-painted by Ainsley Romero with watered-down black ink and a foam craft brush.

This copy is 1 of 1000 total.

Offset lithography printing by Linco Printing in Long Island City, NY. Additional support (and distraction) provided by Enzo.

Designed in New Haven at Holcombe T. Green Jr. Hall (1156 Chapel St; renovation by Deborah Berke, 2000) and Paul Rudolph Hall (180 York St; originally designed by Paul Rudolph, 1963; renovation by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, 2008). Distributed on various couches, desks, and mailboxes around Yale and Rice campuses, the United States, and the world.

Junyi Shi and Ainsley Romero are first-year MFA students in the Graphic Design program at the Yale School of Art.

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Volume 7, Issue 07
April 7, 2022

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