On The Ground

Provisionally Together

Volume 5, Issue 05
October 17, 2019

Monday, October 7th

Travel Week explorers return to YSOA to share pics and war stories. No, that’s not photoshopped, Elia Zenghelis really did pick up a kitten by the nape of its neck to display it to the lunch crowd. Yes, it was scary and adorable.

Branko Mitrovic is the guest lecturer for Mark Foster Gage’s Theory Through Objects, using his siren call to lure the assembled students toward a Formalist agenda.

Tuesday, October 8th

Students in Professional Practice form new firms for the semester. Firm names include “No Vacan-C” and, after a slight miscommunication, “Dry Blood.”

Phil Bernstein and Peter de Bretteville host a mandatory workshop on design attribution and plagiarism. The consensus: it’s complicated.

Equality In Design discusses potential topics for an upcoming school-wide debate at their bi-weekly meeting.

Wednesday, October 9th

Competition heats up in the Fall 2019 Rudolph Open badminton tournament. An increasing number of team posters, hung from the 5th floor mezzanine, “accidentally fall” into the pit. Tape failure… or sabotage? At the time of writing, Matt Schmid in Heaven, Canonical Dads, My Wei or the Highway, Ka-Ching!, A Guud Song, Frank you Gehry much, and Paul Rudolph’s High Pile Polyester Bedspread are all on to Round 3.

Thursday, October 10th

The Dean’s Council has its annual meeting.

Bob Stern delivers the Thursday night lecture on Paul Rudolph. Deborah introduces cocktail, “the kangaroo,” it’s ingredients: vodka, vermouth, an olive; definitely not a martini, she explains. Closes with, “I’m the dean now.”

The student-led exhibition Space, Time, Form debuts in the North Gallery.

Friday, October 11th

On the 6th floor, the Gehry couch sits adorned, suspiciously, with blanket and pillow. Nearby, Timothy Wong, lying on his freshly plotted drawing, texts “feeling cute might pull an all-nighter idk ;).”

Sunday, October 13

FC YSOA gets a bye-week. The campaign for promotion stands in the balance at 1-1. Up next: a doubleheader against the Aesculapian pair of “Internal Medicine” and the School of Nursing.

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Volume 5, Issue 05
October 17, 2019