Parallel Design Approaches: Doug Scott


Parallel [Design] Approaches

Volume 3, Issue 14
February 21, 2018


Doug Scott is a graphic designer who studied architecture for six years at the University of Nebraska. Before studying graphic design at Yale, he worked for three architecture/design firms and was a draftsman and cartographer in the United States Army Reserve.

Things I have learned in studying architecture that I have used as a graphic designer and teacher of design:

  • systems
  • three-dimensional thinking
  • materials and their uses
  • comprehending and organizing space
  • proportion
  • hierarchy
  • color
  • geometry
  • putting forms together
  • positive/negative
  • texture and rhythm
  • understanding sequence and time
  • considering light
  • pragmatics
  • drawing as thinking
  • drawing as communication
  • drawing as a conversation with myself
  • managing complexity
  • from idea to form
  • meaning
  • designing for people
  • creating an experience
  • the importance of detail
  • the importance of sketch models
  • understanding scale
  • how things are made
  • history as inspiration
  • history as explanation
  • to respect nature
  • critical path diagrams
  • understanding construction
  • site planning
  • being aware of how long tasks take
  • considering the cost of things
  • different design processes
  • how to talk about my work
  • how to talk with others about their work
  • having an opinion, and expressing it
  • making working drawings
  • writing specifications
  • engineering mechanics

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Volume 3, Issue 14
February 21, 2018

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