Volume 2, Issue 03
September 22, 2016

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At the end of Allison Williams’ lecture on 09.15, Dean Berke whetted our appetites with an intimate introduction to the evening’s cocktail, ‘La Perla,’ (the best concoction yet, in this writer’s opinion). “I’m interested in learning,” she said, “including learning about cocktails.”
What’s your cocktail?
Deborah Berke: “I’m a Manhattan baby… But dry.”
Daniel Fetcho: “Four Loko, before they got rid of the caffeine”
Max Mensching: “Whiskey neat, and a toasty fire by my feet.”
Katie Stege: “A Montana Mule for hiking fuel!”
Spencer Fried: “A Dark and Stormy… To reflect my personality”
James Schwartz: “A Jim and Tonic”
First Years’ first review: students push rock up hill, watch as it rolls down.
During his lecture to undergraduates about natural light, Professor Alec Purves held out his hand to an imagined beam of sunlight. “Just think,” he said. “This slice of the sun is yours.” Tears fell.
A.J.P. Artemel (MArch I, ‘14) discusses Dean Berke’s arrival in “Yale After Stern” for Metropolis Magazine. Artemel also discusses the impacts that Paprika and Equality in Design have had at the school.
Also in the news, Amelia Taylor-Hochberg chats with the Dean for the piece, “Deborah Berke shares her vision as incoming dean at the Yale School of Architecture,” for Archinect.
Prompted by the YDN article “Architecture: a difficult path for women,” the undergraduate junior studio spent class on Wednesday, 09.14, discussing issues of gender in architecture. The discussion began with speculation about the source of architecture’s unfriendly culture, highlighting the “old boys’ club” mentality and the widely accepted, equally white / male architectural canon. They also touched on the diversity of the school’s population and the kinds of voices that are given the most space and power to effect personal and institutional change to move towards an environment more reflective of the one surrounding them.
On Monday the administration made room at the Thursday-night-lecture dinner table for the unexpectedly large turnout of Dean’s Council members, all of whom are not students, by uninviting the six graduating students originally supposed to attend.
Bjork and the Rattlesnake face off on the 4th floor. Who will prevail? While the snake taunts the Icelandic pop star, it doesn’t see her most prized weapon. Look closely—it’s hidden in her ostrich egg… 5XL watches the squabble amusedly.
Planning students everywhere have fallen into Pro Forma purgatory! More like NO forma, amiright guys?!
Equality in Design held an introductory meeting on Tuesday, 9.20. Attendees heard about some of the speakers who will be lecturing in the Brown-Bag Lunch Series this semester. First in the line-up is Tom Angotti from Hunter College’s Department of Urban Affairs and Planning who will be speaking about “Land Use, Race, and Displacement” on Wednesday 9.28 at 1:30.
Haven’t looked up from your desk long enough to hear the latest presidential gossip? Head over to WLH 309 on Wednesday night at 7:00 to participate in an intersectional discussion with faculty from WGSS, African American Studies, American Studies, and the Divinity School about issues of race, gender, and sexuality in the presidential election.
Head over to Burke Auditorium in Kroon Hall on Monday 9.26 at 5:30 for a talk entitled “Biomimicry and the Living Building Challenge: more than a deeper shade of green,” not to mention snacks, drinks and a panel discussion!
no.5 WORK work WORK work WORK work WORK, Artists and Architects Talk: on Work, Sheila de Bretteville + Martin Kersels + Beverages. Welcome to all Art and Architecture Students. Tuesday, September 27th @7pm. 180 York Street, 7th floor pit. Drop all of your work to talk about some Work.

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Volume 2, Issue 03
September 22, 2016

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