Vol. 2, No. 07

October 31, 2016

Paprika! is the often-weekly broadsheet published by the students of the Yale School of Architecture and Yale School of Art.

Publication Date
October 31, 2016
Graphic Designers
Coordinating Editors

Editor's Statement

Masks seem to carry a sinister connotation. Indelibly attached to the mythic, the criminal, the anonymous, and unsettlingly detached from reality, masks are the fictive figures and the activating forms of our increasingly opaque environment.

But can this opacity disassociate architecture from serving power structures, and in turn, empower the public? (Eisenman) Might the mask be a tool for enabling the architect-as-actor to infiltrate existing networks of power? (Easterling) Should we embrace the mask as an authentic expression in-and-of itself? (Rubin)

For this edition of Paprika, we are interested in the myriad relationships between masked and unmasked, truth and the lie, form and simulacrum, obfuscated identity and uncanny double, and their consequences within the discourse of architecture.