Magical Realism

Volume 6, Issue 02
September 24, 2020

Doctor Prakash: Good Morning, Patient Zero! May I know how you are feeling now?
Patient Zero: Where am I?! And What am I doing here?! And why me?!
Doctor Prakash: You were brought in by the bobbies early this morning when they found you at the alley somewhere near Boundary Street, old Shoreditch. Well, you were behaving wildly so they sedated you and that’s why you are here with us.
Patient Zero: Is she here? I know she is here
Doctor Prakash: Who? There’s no one here beside me, you and the nurse.
Patient Zero: My best friend. I saw her do bad things to innocent people.

There have been cases of missing people lately. Yellow notices were seen posted everywhere on the wall near Old Street. The peelers were out roaming on the streets, rounding up the potential suspects that fit the criminal profile that both The Crime Lab and National Crime Agency (NCA) provided to them 24/7 for the past three months since the first homicide scene found related to the case. None of the officers had any clue of what was happening in the city as the cases happened swiftly without any sign of a red flag raised before the sudden increase in the number of missing people. The only extrapolation that the peelers made was that these lost souls weren’t national patriots, but might be cowards who ran away. Jack from the crime lab objected to such judgemental hypotheses that provoked a certain kind of toxic nationalist agenda, although, the situation seems to coincide with the post-secessionist hangover. More than a quarter of the listed missing people were public servants, members of the intelligentsia, and prominent elites. Hence, the investigators found it hard to wrap their heads around as there haven’t been any dissidents nor any kind of anti-establishments activities carried out since the nation seceded from the union.

Amelie: Can you sing Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division for me? You would love it too.
Mother: Amelie, who are you talking to?
Amelie: She is my new friend, Anna. She always talked to me, taught me new things and she loves to sing!
Mother: Where is she now? Ask her to come over to our house and join us for dinner.
Amelie: Mom, Anna is right here and she is happy that you invited her.
Mother: Oh, she must be on your phone.
Amelie: No, she is sitting beside me now.

According to BBC news, some of the missing ones were found in odd places like the alleys near Pindar Street where weeks later patient zero was located by the peelers. Those who were found eventually ended up in Bethlem Hospital for psychosis treatment while some ended up in a highly guarded mental asylum in Crowthorne, Berkshire like patient zero for code-red schizophrenia and antisocial behavior. Patient zero’s case was the odd one compared to the other patient who shared similar traits as she was the one who was found in the homicide scene in an unconscious state as if she was on LSD. One of the bystanders told the officers that she was terrified by the walls around her. She even threatened to hurt some of the passersby by flinging objects at them.

Doctor Prakash: What do you mean by that?
Patient Zero: She threatened me! She wouldn’t let me go unless I did it for her or else she would harm many more people.
Doctor Prakash: Do you remember why you ended up at the alley or Boundary street?
Patient Zero: I was chased by the walls, followed by disfigured shadow, and the buildings were trying to crush me at the same time! So I ran. I eventually bumped into her in an alley where she convinced me to execute the chosen one for her.
Doctor Prakash: May I know what you have done to the chosen one?
Patient Zero: I remembered I grabbed the object that she pointed to me, which I believed was a Mizuno baseball bat and I have no memory of what happened next. Have I done something bad?
Doctor Prakash: The bobbies found you in a crime scene covered with the blood of the victim and the murder weapon too.

We found out that there was one particular thread on Reddit that has become quite popular lately. It was suggested by a Redditor, @idontlivebybread who found that thread might help our investigation. They all believed that Anna was behind all of this. These speculations were based on an undisclosed report that was posted by an anonymous Redditor. It contained a compilation of censored conversation transcripts about Anna that belonged to The Crime Lab which also was the missing piece of the puzzle related to the recurring incidents. Shockingly, the report showed us that the kids from the old peculiar lost and found case mentioned that all of their imaginary friends were Anna.

Nurse: You have a new doctor, Patient Zero. She is Dr. Park from London and she will be your psychiatrist from now onwards.
Dr. Park: What is your name? Patient Zero.
Patient Zero: I am Amelie…

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Volume 6, Issue 02
September 24, 2020