Cruelly acontextual Minutes from YSoA Final Reviews, Fall 2014

Issue 02

Volume , Issue 02
January 22, 2015

HARPER KEEHN (Yale College)

The exterior condition meets interior condition. Becomes architectural.

Can you say that without using the word “condition”?

Basically it’s a square and very very strong. Basically it’s a black square.

I’m worried that you’re telling yourself something that isn’t true.

Can you explain?

A lot of this is, at a certain level, just play.

Stay subtle. Indulge in these bourgeois play moves.

Do you like your building?

Is that a nice thing? Is that weird?

Can you tell me when the next gondola leaves?

Is that where the gondolas go?

Let him answer. I heard you ask the same question five times.

… It allowed me to allow… opportunity for interface with this retail corridor.

You can piss in a church.

I don’t have time to tell you why.

You should come and look at it in my office.

Whether they failed or not, they at least

produced architecture. Which, at the end of the day,

is what we’re here for, isn’t it?

What is the relation between mastery of the digital medium and

halting, spasmodic attempts to be an architect in 3 dimensions?

I guess… forms? Constrain something I’d created that could continually grow.

I’m having a lot of problems… Could you mumble that louder?

The oblique, as landscape. Play scale games: one place, in space.

Ohhhh, I don’t think so.

You don’t answer questions; you go on your own little tangents.

I believe… your methodology… is terrible. As always, in my view.

But I’m interested in that one, so screw you.

We could run this thing without you.

I haven’t understood a word this morning, including your introduction.

I understand that, I understand that.

I don’t understand that.

You are understanding.

I understand… everything.

I’m not not understanding… not really understanding.

I just want to understand… “Architectural moment,” what did you mean by that?

You starved architecture to death.

If the Canadian way is to remove all texture and detail, that’s very sad.

Nationalism is so atavistic.

In China they have this kind of thing.

A perverse project. Peter, come on,

I’m not asking for lyricism.

Lyricism would be easier.

Right to confront students with such a programmatically loaded project when all you want to talk about is form?


Cavalier, that’s the word. Maybe these people don’t want a monastery carved into their building.

That’s right.

First you have your idea, then you go scratching through history to find support structure.

Yes that’s right.

I know the low country… Horizontally flat… Led to the marshlands…

A waterfall of blood… The blood form… A more viscous disposition…

You’ve got your fried egg… It does roof things… I think we understand…

Me and Zaha were an item

oh my god.


That’s right.

I’m not getting much out of this.

Quickly! Quickly!

Let them finish, let them finish, let them finish please.


Can we just finish the presentation?

You guys gotta get this outta here.

Are we all here?

Can we get some wine pourers?

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Volume , Issue 02
January 22, 2015

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