On The Ground

Illusion, Deception

Volume 4, Issue 08
November 15, 2018

11/06 Tuesday

→ YPPS makes a “very official” presentation on paper stocks for portfolio printing.
→ Free bread becomes a new token of nationalism in studio, post midterm elections.

11/07 Wednesday

→ Official Building Project photos chosen; coming soon on Archdaily.
→ Lux et Veritas. The sky clears up for second year students to photograph their massive daylighting models. Severe winds on the rooftop cause a few models to fly away and break.

11/08 Thursday

→ “I believe your chairs are real. They are probably in Urban Outfitters right now.” – Annie Barrett about Michael Gasper’s daylighting model.
→ “I thought it was ‘WTF I can’t even,’ not ‘WTF I don’t even.’”– Brennan Buck
→ Marianne LaFrance give a talk on “Subtle and Not So Subtle Sexism” as part of EiD’s second exhibition event.
→ Richard loses a 12’ fiberglass ladder.

11/09 Friday

→ Davis Butner maintains a relatively clean apartment after requesting guests to remove their shoes during the apartment crawl.
→ Andrew Westover holds an EiD- organized “Ally Skills Workshop for Men.”
→ The Environmental Design class was kicked out of the Loria lecture hall an hour in, as it was booked for another Yale event.

11/10 Saturday

→ Outlines screens their first movie of the year, A Single Man.
→ Rumor has it that there was a slight flurry of snow.
→ @deskgarbage creates the YSoA meme of the week, #teamariana #thankunext.

11/11 Sunday

→ The current Paprika! editorial team hunts for and identifies spring editorial successors/victims.

11/12 Monday
→ EiD holds their final event for A Seat at the Table exhibition, The Changing Face of Architectural Education.
→ Interested candidates for Paprika!’s Coordinating Editor position make their case.
→ Env Design students EnDure a
two-hour quiz. “Four sites, three buildings, eight designs … that’s like
32 variables.” – Seth Thompson

11/13 Tuesday

→ Rumors spread about Zelig Fok’s ability to do magic tricks. Is he a competitor against our current in-house illusionist, Brennan Buck?

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Volume 4, Issue 08
November 15, 2018