Exquisite Mission Statement

Publication Date
November 2, 2017

As a prime institution • in an increasingly complex world • we do not yet have apparent answers • The intention of the Yale School of Architecture • is to foster • a broad and informed understanding of architecture and its related disciplines • We work at the corner of Chapel and York Streets • and speculate • on • the wills, fantasies, and foibles of a society • largely fueled by private capital • Rudolph Hall provides an arena for healthy • dogmatic • irreverence • Being critical, it seems • does not impose one single design philosophy • The architect is more than • what is right and wrong • architects can, or should, claim the greatest ownership • of • the conditions we construct, and those who architecture has historically failed to adequately serve We • focus our lens on • teams of collaborators willing to share and exchange ideas • and • the students’ future as both practitioners and leaders who can expand architecture beyond: “ • highest caliber • ” • and • rhetorical appliqué • and • pluralism.

Sutured together from the student-written YSoA mission statements published in this week’s Paprika! Bulletin.

Publication Date
November 2, 2017
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AJ Artemel
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