Thank You

Historic Projections

Volume 1, Issue 21
March 7, 2016

We would like to thank the faculty and administration for expanding the enrollment of the seminar Rome: Continuity and Change. We are grateful to those who invested the time and energy to change the program, and we are especially thankful to the most recent donor who made this significant expansion possible.  We appreciate that you listened to us and took action on our behalf regarding the course’s limited enrollment, and the tension it created within our class.  We are optimistic that we can continue to develop this model for exchange between students and the administration.  We are encouraged by the inclusive restructuring of this program, and we hope that the seminar will continue to expand in scope and scale as a cornerstone of our education at the Yale School of Architecture.  

Caroline Acheatel
Ava Amirahmadi
Elaina D Berkowitz
Francesca Carney
H Wilson Carroll
Anny Chang
Dakota Cooley
Robert Cornelissen
Ethan Fischer
Cathryn Garcia-Menocal
Jacqueline Hall
Wesley Hiatt
Robert Hon
Cecilia Hui
Matthew Kabala
Sam King
Paul J Lorenz
Michael Loya
Daniel Marty
Stephen McNamara
Tess McNamara
Laura Meade
Rashidbek Muydinov
Elizabeth Nadai
Anna Nasonova
Cecily  Ng
Hannah Novack
Brittany Olivari
Andrew Padron
Xiaoyi Pu
Paul Rasmussen
Nasim Rowshanabadi
Benjamin  Rubenstein
James Schwartz
Maddy Sembler
Ilana Simhon
Alexander Stagge
Georgia Todd
Maggie Tsang
Rob Yoos
Matthew Zuckerman
Heather Bizon
Gina Cannistra
Andreas De Camp
Jamie Edindjiklian
Jennifer Fontenot
Richard C Green
Chris Hyun
Ha Min  Joo
Jeremy Leonard
Aymar Maza
Jiajian  Min
Ali  Naghdali
Gordon Schissler
Shreya Shah

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Volume 1, Issue 21
March 7, 2016

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