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Volume 2, Issue 16
February 23, 2017


After Thursday’s blizzard prompted Yale College to cancel classes, Students hopefully awaited a similar announcement from YSOA. At 12:54 PM, students received an email from the Dean’s Office, cancelling classes from 12:00 PM. At 12:55PM, most students realized their critics were already in the building, and that they would be having studio after all.


While the Yale corporation convened on Friday afternoon, a group of community members and students from across the university (including several architecture students) protested on the corner of Elm and College for the name change of Calhoun College.

On Friday evening, OTG intercepted the following communications regarding the administration of last week’s Office-themed 6 on 7. #postergate

10 Feb 2017, 8:10PM: “Repeat poster [yuck emoji][yuck emoji][yuck emoji][yuck emoji]”

10 Feb 2017, 8:20PM: “Get over yourself”

10 Feb 2017, 8:44PM: “Lock him up Sent from my iPhone”

10 Feb 2017, 8:47PM: “#shepersisted”

10 Feb 2017, 8:47PM: “#toomuchbeerball”

10 Feb 2017, 8:47PM: “#chadruinedit #shestillpersisted”

10 Feb 2017, 8:47PM: “The Young Pope requires a new poster.”

10 Feb 2017, 8:48PM: “Poster aside, good 6 on 7”


On Saturday afternoon, university president Peter Salovey announced the decision to rename Calhoun College for esteemed alum Grace Murray Hopper.


Grammys still tone-deaf. Adele takes home 4.5 Grammy awards, gives 0.5 to Beyoncé. #GrammysSoWhite


Reports show that a few YSOA couples took a brief break from studio this day to remind each other that they were, in fact, in a relationship.

Classy Affairs

The First Years elected leadership positions for the 2017 Jim Vlock Building Project. Congratulations to this year’s Project Managers: Kerry Garikes and Dan Whitcombe.

Keep up with Advanced Studios through their travel week hashtags:

Phifer: #marfasvineyard #marfans #feefifophifer #highphifer #phiferwearsprada

Erdman: #nopressure #queensofkong #androb

Easterling: #easterfling #greetingseasterlings #extrastatelaughs

Aureli: #aureliandream #aureligood

Plater-Zyberk: #youpanhandlethis

Bellow/Bow: #KickinItInKyoto

Bilbao: #tatianachillbao #ysoé #publicspice #bilbaowow

Houben: #HeinekenHanHouben #GoGoGO


“Free Architecture Schools? It’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds” How’s that for a title?


Coming (not very soon) to a theater near you: Jeff Bridges is Mies van der Rohe in a feature film retelling the Farnsworth House epic.



Stay in from the cold and get cosy watching the full collection of Michael Blackwood’s documentary films on art and architecture. Available through Yale Orbis.

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Volume 2, Issue 16
February 23, 2017